RML’s Services:

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  • Technical Services

melajo-quarry_resizeReadymix is ISO 9001:2008 Certified – a demonstration of our commitment to development and innovation in concrete.

At a state of the art laboratory facilities we perform the following tests:

  • Compressive Strength
  • Flexural Strength
  • Field Testing of Fresh Concrete
  • Non- Destructive Testing
  • Cores
  • Gradation and Organic Content

We observe both ASTM and BSI Standards of testing.

  • lab-services_resizeLab Facilities
  • Team of 1 Civil Engineer, 2 Concrete Technologists, 2 ACI Certified Concrete Field Testing Technicians and 5 Construction Engineering Technicians
  • Two compression machines used for in-house sample crushing.
  • Laboratory testing facilities at the Quarry and Guanapo Plant.
  • Prescribed and Special Mixes (e.g. high early strength concrete – 5000psi cylinder in 8 hours).
  • Admixtures
  • Type A: Water Reducer
  • Type D: Delayed Setting
  • Type G & F: Increased workability
  • Air Entrainment: Introduces air into concrete
  • Admixture Brands: BASF and FOSROC
  • Quarrying

RML is engaged in the quarrying of its own 480 acres of land located in Tapana and 348 acres of State owned lands located in Valencia.


Some of the products are:

  • Quartzite material used
  • Aggregates – 10mm (3/8) & 20mm (3/4) Double Washed
  • Concreting Sand
  • Single Washed Sand
  • Pitrun
  • Ballast