Do you know that concrete constitutes only 5% of the total construction cost of a typical home? Compromising the quality of this critical component will compromise the integrity of your structure. Readymix (West Indies) Limited is QMS ISO 9001:2015 certified and has over 60 years of experience in the concrete industry. Our concrete and aggregates meet both British and American standards (BS and ASTM). When working with Readymix (West Indies) Limited, you can rest assured that the promise of superior quality concrete, customer service and sound technical expertise will be delivered.

We provide the convenience of a one stop shop, where every concrete related need is met.
Available from Readymix (West Indies) Limited are:

 Pre-mixed concrete (at required strengths) with delivery services.
 Fibermesh and flowable fill.
 Pre-sale and post-sale technical support and service.
 Laboratory services and consultation.

Types of Concrete

  •  Normal weight concrete 18 N/mm2 to 60 N/mm2 Cylinder strength
  •  Light weight concrete
  •  High density concrete
  •  Grout mixes
  •  Screed mixes
  •  Low strength Flowable fill
  •  Evolution (self-compacting ) concrete
  •  Coloured concrete
  •  Fibre reinforced concrete
  •  Waterproofed concrete

Types of Aggregates

  •  10mm Aggregate
  •  20mm Aggregate
  •  CS1 (Concreting Sand)
  •  CS2 (Non-Concreting Sand)
  •  Silt Sand
  •  Plastering Sand
  •  Oversized Ballast